Metropole Curtain Pole Systems From Silent Gliss

Transforming Curtain Poles into Elegant Curtain Tracks

Discover Metropole, a revolutionary Curtain Track system that redefines the way Curtains are hung. Unlike traditional Curtain Poles, Metropole uses nylon gliders within the Pole, eliminating the need for rings and providing a seamless, sleek look.

Metropole is uncompromising in bringing together precision engineering, with considered product design for a Curtain Pole that performs as well as it looks.

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    Uninterrupted Curtain Movement

    Metropole’s unique design allows Curtains to glide smoothly from end to end, even for wide windows and expansive glass spaces. Our brackets attach to the top of the Pole, ensuring uninterrupted curtain movement.

    Hand, Cord, or Electric Operation

    Metropole offers flexibility with hand, cord, or electric operation, all powered by the Silent Gliss 2c Glider for a consistently smooth experience. The cord end set simply blends into the Pole profile, ensuring a sleek and modern finish.

    Versatile Curtain Compatibility

    Metropole works with a wide range of Curtain headings, from traditional Pleated Curtains to contemporary Wave Curtains. Choose from 15 colours, ranging from striking metallics to subtle natural shades, to match any colour scheme.

    Tailored Sizes and Styles

    Metropole comes in various sizes, including round Poles in 23mm, 30mm and 50mm, or the modern 36mm Metroflat Pole. Customise with or without Finials, available in 10 popular colours, to suit your interior style.

    Elevate Your Pole with Finials

    Enhance your Metropole with decorative Finials, available in a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, in Metal, Wood, and Glass. Even if your Pole is ceiling-mounted, our top fix bracket accommodates all Finial designs.


    Every Pole is made to measure, tailored to your exact window dimensions. With the exception of electronically operated Metropole, all Poles can be forward and reverse bent to fit perfectly to Bay windows or other curved applications.

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