Velux Blinds

Specially Made to Fit VELUX Roof Windows

You have probably heard of VELUX Windows and just like not all Hoovers are Hoovers (take Dyson for example) not all Roof Windows are VELUX.

Founded in 1941, VELUX is the original roof window manufacturer, giving them decades of experience and knowledge.

VELUX is a brand name and they manufacture the largest range of roof window Blinds on the market, so you are spoilt for choice.

VELUX Blinds are specially made to fit VELUX roof windows and are built for long lasting and reliable performance.

Velux Blinds

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    Our VELUX Blind Range Includes

    • Blackout Blinds
    • Roller Blinds
    • Duo Blackout Blinds

    • Pleated Blinds
    • Blackout Energy Blinds

    • Children’s Collection

    Your VELUX roof windows bring warmth and daylight into your home and controlling these elements, with the help of VELUX Blinds, is the key to achieving an ideal indoor climate. They provide extra insulation, daylight control and heat protection, helping to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

    You can still order Blinds that fit almost any generation of VELUX roof window, so whether you’re planning a renovation, relocating, or simply want to change the look of your room, a VELUX Blind is the only choice for reliable high-quality operation.

    See the chart above, taken straight from the Velux book, to find what generation of VELUX roof window you have.

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