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Wave Curtains

Our most popular curtain heading Wave turns traditional curtains into a striking modern design statement, where the fabric is gathered into softly rippling folds.

As an alternative to traditional types of headings, such as Pinch pleat or Pencil pleat, Wave curtains offer a more contemporary look throughout the curtain drop. When opened the curtains stack back neatly and when closed, drawn, the fabric hangs in a smooth, continuous wave.

Wave curtains are fitted to slim, discreet Silent Gliss curtain track or Metropole curtain pole, so they are suitable for all types of windows and doors. They work particularly well in large open-plan living rooms and kitchen/diners, although they look amazing anywhere.

Silent Gliss Tracks are a Perfect Partnership with Wave Curtains

We use only Silent Gliss Metropole and Tracks which have been designed to work perfectly with the Wave curtain heading.  The Silent Gliss 6840 are the corded tracks and 3840 are uncorded tracks which we use for our Wave curtains and both are suitable for Standard windows or can be bent for Bay window situations.

With the Silent Gliss tracks, Wave curtains are ideal for really tall windows or where there is limited space above the window. They also help if you need to reduce light, as you can choose a blackout option for a Wave curtain just as you would any other. Plus, if your problem is one of privacy versus light, then our Voile curtains can solve this, as they can be fitted with a Wave header.

The unstructured style of a Wave header means that your curtains fold up really neatly when they are opened fully. So, if you have a limited amount of wall space either side of your window, Wave curtains are an ideal choice.

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