Vision Blinds

A Symphony of Light and Privacy

Vision Blinds are a revolutionary window treatment that transcends traditional Blinds and embraces modern elegance. Also known as Day/Night Blinds, these innovative marvels feature a dual-layered design, comprising horizontal translucent and opaque stripes of fabric.

The magic happens as the front layer dances gracefully over the back, seamlessly transitioning between openness and privacy.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Innovative Dual-Layered Design: Consists of two horizontal striped fabric layers, translucent and opaque.
    • Glare Reduction: Control the amount of light entering the room to reduce glare and create a comfortable ambiance.
    • Versatile Operation: Operate with a control chain or motorised system.
    • Connection to Outdoors: Fully raised Blinds offer unobstructed views.

    • Enhanced Aesthetics: Stylish colour options allow customisation to match interior décor and enhance visual appeal.

    Elevate every corner of your living spaces with Vision Blinds

    Whether you opt for the timeless charm of a single control chain or the modern convenience of a motorised system, you can adjust the Blind to any desired height, just like the classic Roller Blind.

    When fully raised, the Vision Blind elegantly retreats into an alluring cassette headrail, unveiling an unobstructed view of the world beyond your windows. Let the outdoors embrace your interiors, offering a connection to nature that is both captivating and liberating.

    The sleek cassette headrail not only enhances your Vision Blind’s allure, but also offers a spectrum of stylish choices. Choose from a palette of captivating colours – from the pristine purity of White and the warmth of Cream to the boldness of Black, the contemporary allure of Chrome, the understated elegance of Satin Grey and the dramatic touch of Anthracite.

    Matching fabrics are inserted into the headrail, adding an extra layer of refinement.

    Elevate every corner of your living spaces with Vision Blinds. Perfect for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Studies, and Office spaces, these Blinds effortlessly marry style with function.

    Experience the gentle caress of natural light, maintain your privacy and embrace the mesmerising beauty that Vision Blinds bring to your interiors.

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    Speak to our friendly team now about getting your cosy haven.