Blinds for Bi-Folds

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There are many types of Blinds or Curtains you can have dress your Bi-fold doors, here is what we would recommend:

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    Perfect Fit Blinds

    We manufacture our own Perfect Fit Blinds at our Wickford HQ and offer Cellular & Pleated, Aluminium Venetians, Roller and Vision (Day/Night) Blind options. With frame colours to match the latest frames, these Blinds are the Perfect solution.

    Intu Blinds

    An alternative to Perfect Fit, we offer Cellular and Aluminium Venetian Blind options. Intu Blinds are limited to White, Brown and Anthracite frames, please note not all Bi-fold doors are suitable for Perfect Fit or Intu Blinds, due to the different types of handles on the doors.

    Not to worry, there is another option with Intu Micro Blinds. These are specially designed to go within the frames of each door and not stick out further than the door frame, allowing the doors to fully fold back on each other.

    Motorised Roller Blinds

    With automated Blinds being controlled from either a remote control, an app or Alexa, this option for Bi-fold doors eliminates the Blind control chains hanging down. Plus having multiple Roller Blinds in a single cassette over the doors, looks amazing.

    Motorised Vision Blinds (Day / Night)

    Very similar to having multiple Roller Blinds, but with this option each Blind has its own cassette.

    Vertical Blinds

    These will gather to the side that all the doors move to when fully open and depending on the width of the Blinds, will be operated by a wand or with the traditional cord and chain. The latter option will be attached to the wall for child safety. The only downside is that the “stack” of the louvres when gathered, maybe wider than the opened doors.

    Allusion Blinds

    Using the same headrail as Vertical Blinds, Allusion Blinds are an exceptional window shade which seamlessly blends the delicacy of voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, offering a captivating interplay of light and privacy.

    Wave Curtains

    Wave Curtains are a cool, contemporary way of dressing windows, ideal if you want a look that is simple, modern and elegant. Wave Curtains have no gathering, bunching or pleats across the top, just a sinuous curve, falling in fluid folds directly below the track.

    If you are looking to dress your bi-fold doors with Blinds or Curtains, then get in touch with our office and let’s see how we can help you.

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