Vertical Blinds

A Timeless Classic Window Treatment

When it comes to window treatments, nothing offers the level of flexibility and elegance quite like our Vertical Blinds.

Crafted with an innovative design, these Blinds allow the louvres to be smoothly drawn back to the side, granting you unlimited clear views of the outside world.

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    Features & Benefits

    • With adjustable slats, you can achieve the perfect balance of natural light and privacy according to your preferences.
    • Closed Vertical Blinds can help insulate your home, keeping it cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

    • Vertical Blinds are easy to clean and maintain, with individual slats that can be wiped down or removed for cleaning.

    • Vertical Blinds offer a sleek and contemporary look that complements various interior styles.

    • Vertical Blinds are a cost-effective window treatment option, making them accessible for a wide range of budgets.

    Experience the Beauty Versatility & Functionality

    With a simple 180-degree rotation, you have complete control over the light levels in any room, while ensuring absolute privacy.

    We understand that every window is unique, which is why our Vertical Louvre Blinds are available in two sizes – 89mm (3½”) or 127mm (5″). Each blind is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for each of your windows.

    Our premium Louvolite headrail system, Vogue, takes your Vertical Blinds to the next level. With a selection of exquisite finishes such as Piano Black, Champagne Gold, Brushed Aluminium, Ice White, Anthracite Grey, or Expresso Brown, you can elevate the impact of your window furnishing and perfectly match your décor.

    At our Wickford HQ, our skilled manufacturing team meticulously assemble each tailor-made Vogue Vertical Blind system. We use the fabric you’ve carefully selected for the louvres, ensuring your Blinds are a true reflection of your style.

    Our Vertical Blind systems feature Louvolite’s mono command wand operation as standard, providing an easy and safe way to operate the Blinds. For traditionalists, we also offer a cord and chain operation, with a safety device that attaches the loose cord and chain to the wall, giving you peace of mind.

    We offer an extensive selection for you to choose from. Find the perfect fabric that matches your aesthetic preferences and complements your interior décor.

    To add a personalised touch to your Blinds, we offer White, Beige, and Black louvre bottom weights and chains. If you have pets at home, our chainless option provides the ideal solution, ensuring both style and safety.

    Experience the beauty, versatility and functionality of our Vertical Blinds, the epitome of complete window furnishing. Upgrade your windows with us today and enjoy a perfect blend of style and practicality.

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    Speak to our friendly team now about getting your cosy haven.