Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blind Systems from Umbra

The Blind fabric is locked into the side channels using zip-edge technology!

Zipped-edge fabric retention removes the challenge and associated maintenance issues, of fabric coming out of the side channels on traditional blackout and Cassette Blinds.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Experience complete darkness in your room with our blackout Roller Blinds, featuring a full cassette and side channels that effectively block out light when the blinds are closed.

    • Available in black & white as standard but special RAL powder coating available on request.
    • Our advanced blind technology effortlessly accommodates windows up to 4m wide, 6m high, with a total area of 24m².
    • For ease of use these Blinds can be operated manually via chain or crank handle or motorised with many control options available.

    • Experience enhanced safety and peace of mind by opting for our Blinds equipped with advanced motors featuring obstacle detection technology.

    Versatile Motorisation Options

    Discover the superior features of our Blackout Blind system, meticulously designed to enhance your living space. Our Blinds feature an extruded aluminium headbox and sleek side channels, ensuring both functionality and style. The fabric is secured within the side channels using innovative zip-edge technology.

    With a range of headbox sizes—80mm, 100mm, or 125mm—you can find the perfect fit for your window, ensuring a seamless and tailored look.

    What truly sets our Blackout Blinds apart, are the slim side channels, measuring just 35mm wide, providing unobtrusive aesthetics. For those seeking a wider channel, we offer a 56mm option. For the ultimate in sleekness, our motorised Blinds come with an ultra-slim 24mm wide channel, a testament to our commitment to both form and function.

    Our zipped-edge fabric retention system not only ensures blackout performance, but also allows for Blinds to be installed at angles of up to 30 degrees off the vertical, making them ideal for sloping glazing installations.

    For those seeking the ultimate built-in look, our headbox and side channels can be recessed into walls or ceilings, providing a seamless integration with your living space.

    Our Blackout Blinds offer versatile motorisation options to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from 240V, 24V, or battery-powered motors, providing you with the flexibility you desire.

    Our control systems are equally adaptable, offering both hardwired and wireless solutions. They can stand alone or integrate with your home automation, enhancing the convenience and functionality of your space.

    What truly sets our Blinds apart are our intelligent digital motors, which are not only IP addressable, but also compatible with a wide array of control systems, including Control4, Crestron, Lutron, and more. They also support various protocols such as KNX, LON, BACNet, Modbus, and Z-Wave, ensuring a smooth integration into your smart home ecosystem.

    Simply let us know your requirements, our team are here to assist you in creating the perfect motorisation and control solution for your unique needs. Your vision is our mission.

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    Speak to our friendly team now about getting your cosy haven.