Allusion Blinds

Combining Timeless Elegance with Contemporary Flair

Experience the perfect fusion of sophistication and modernity with Allusion Blinds by Louvolite. This exceptional window shade seamlessly blends the delicacy of voile fabric, with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, offering a captivating interplay of light and privacy.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Soft flowing vanes filter daylight and retain the view when open
    • Enjoy privacy and security when blinds are closed
    • Access outside space by walking through the blind with Stylish point of sale material helps to increase Allusion Blind sales, brochures and swatch cards available now

    • Allusion Blinds are designed to be child safe and we only offer wand operation for convenience and safety

    Crafted with utmost care and dedication

    During the day, indulge in uninterrupted views by fully opening the Blind, immersing your space in abundant natural light.

    Seeking a touch of privacy without sacrificing illumination? Simply slide the vanes across the window while keeping the louvres open, as Allusion Blinds gracefully filter the sunlight, creating a harmonious transition from your interior to the outside world.

    As twilight approaches, close the louvres to envelop your surroundings in complete privacy, adding an extra layer of security to your space.

    With its flowing fabric vanes, Allusion Blinds present a myriad of options to control both light and privacy, making it an ideal choice for various window types, including bi-folding and patio doors.

    Rest assured that every Allusion Blind is crafted with utmost care and dedication by our experienced manufacturing team, at our Wickford Headquarters, a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.

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    Let’s talk!

    Speak to our friendly team now about getting your cosy haven.