Wood Venetians

50mm Wood Venetian in a Bay

Cream 50mm Wood Venetians

Wood Venetians in a bay window

50mm White Wood Venetians in a Bay

Wood gives a natural and warm feeling to any room and Wooden Blinds add that natural warm effect to your windows.  Our quality made to measure range of Wooden Venetians are a stylish alternative to Shutters that will last for years to come and are available in 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 63mm and three 65mm elliptical options.

Our Colour ranges are quite substantial with 6 coloured options, 27 shades of Wood stains, 7 colours in our Antique range and 21 options available in Gloss or Matt for Whites, Creams, Neutrals and Blacks

As with all bespoke made to measure blinds you can really personalise them to your decor and home. Wood Venetians come with cords as standard for operating them but you have a choice for cords or coloured tapes that hold the slats together.  With over 20 different tape coloured options, your can really personalise your blinds

Not all Wood Venetian blinds are the same and our range of made to measure Bass Wood blinds offer you great quality, durability and a multitude of possibilities.

Basswood– The standard wood used in good quality made to measure blinds, various colours, sizes, cords and tapes to match your décor. Components and cords are fully serviceable and repairable on our entire range of Basswood blinds.

Plus if you are moving home, you can take your wooden blinds with you and can cut them down to fit your new home prolonging the life of your investment and ultimately saving you money.

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