Well, we have managed to do it…

We started to plan a new Division to our business back in 2019 and we all know what happened in 2020!

Now, we have finally done it!

We have got our infrastructure in place, our equipment and our personnel all ready ahead of the launch of our new Division, which happened at the beginning of this month.

After years of building and installing Blinds & Curtains into Commercial environments, we have our new Division, dedicated to the Commercial Industry, say hello to…

JB Commercial Shadings

Taking our decades of experience and knowledge, we have applied it all to the new Division and our spanking new Website shows the world what we have been doing and can do in the Commercial Industry sector.


Offering the products we manufacture in house, allows us to control the quality and time of those products, giving out Commercial clients peace of mind when we are involved.

It doesn’t stop there. As we have built relations over the years with top quality trade suppliers, we can find the perfect solution for our client’s requirements.

With our team in place for this new venture, we have made sure that nothing will interfere with the domestic side of the business and our customers will still get the same service we have been offering since 1975.

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