If you’ve ever wondered how a Blind is made, I’m going to share with you the basic process of how things are done, but obviously some companies may differ slightly how they do it.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to talk about possibly the most popular type of Blind in the industry, the Roller Blind.

Ok, you’ve had your appointment and the company you have chosen to give your order to has sent their surveyor round to your home, they have measured your windows and you have selected exactly what you want your Blind to look like.

  1. The fabric
  2. With or without a Cassette
  3. Colour of the components
  4. Manual or Automated
  5. How you want the bottom of the Blind to look

So how does the process work to make the Roller Blind you have ordered?

It starts with the fabric you selected. If it is not in stock, the fabric will be added to a list of other customer orders, so we can order all fabrics from the same supplier in one big order. Fabrics are ordered twice weekly, making sure any issues such as out of stock, are realised ASAP and we can communicate that with our customers.

While we are waiting for your fabric, all hardware required such as, tube size, cassette size, cassette colour and bottom bar options needed to make your Roller Blind are added to our cutting list. We stock all our hardware from UK suppliers and all these components are stored in our cutting room.

Our cutting list is then taken to our cutting room, where all orders have their hardware cut to the correct sizes using our safety aluminum cutting saw. Once all parts are cut for all orders upcoming, they are put together and numbered, then stored in customer production order.

Next, everything comes together in our make up room to build your Blind. The fabric is checked, cut to size on our Louvolite Roller Blind cutting table and then the tube and bottom bars are added. If a Cassette is part of the order, this is put together, the brackets inserted and the fabric insert at the front of the cassette is added and stuck in place on our finishing table.

Once the completed Blind has been put together, it is checked and aligned on our hoist. If the Blind is to be motorised, it’s here when we add the rechargeable motor and set the limits of the Blind. If any tweaks are needed to the limits, these are performed by the fitter at the point of installation.

Once everything has been checked and the Blinds have been signed off, they go to our packing bench where they are packaged, labelled and then put on our storage racks, ready to be added to our fitters shelving ahead of installation in your home.

Phew – sounds like a lot is involved – it is, but we have streamlined our processes, so everything flows for our manufacturing team.

All blinds we make at John’s Blinds & Curtains follow a very similar process and everything we do is checked before it leaves our premises, making sure our customers get top quality products for their homes.

If you want to know more about our products, please come to our Wickford Showroom and let’s have a chat.

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