Transform Your Bedroom with Light-Blocking Window Dressings

With the onset of British Summer Time (BST) on March 31st, 2024, longer daylight hours herald the arrival of sunshine and warmth. However, for those who value a restful night’s sleep, the extended daylight can pose a challenge.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility by effectively blocking out light with the right window dressings.


Traditional Curtains, when paired with blackout lining, effectively block out light. However, to maximize their light-blocking potential, opt for ceiling-fixed installations using discreet or hidden tracks. This setup minimizes light seepage, creating a darker sleeping environment conducive to quality rest.

Roman Blinds

While Roman blinds add sophistication to any space, their placement significantly affects their light-blocking capabilities. Mounting Roman blinds inside the window recess reduces the amount of light filtering through the sides of the fabric, ensuring optimal darkness for restful sleep.

Blackout Blinds

Standard blackout roller blinds may fall short in blocking out light entirely. For superior light control, consider our Blackout blinds equipped with side channels. These blinds feature a design that encases the fabric within a cassette and side channels, ensuring zero light penetration for an undisturbed sleep experience.

Shutters & Shade

Pairing Shutters with blackout pleated blinds offers a dual-layered approach to light control. Shutters inherently block a considerable amount of light, and when combined with blackout blinds, they create a nearly pitch-black environment, ideal for promoting restful sleep.


For unparalleled light-blocking performance, BlindScreen offers a revolutionary solution. With the option to integrate a flyscreen, BlindScreen provides versatility for both daytime and night time use.

During the day, the flyscreen allows fresh air to circulate while keeping insects out, whereas at night, the blackout blind ensures complete darkness for optimal sleep quality.

In conclusion

As the clocks spring forward and British Summer Time beckons, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep becomes paramount. By implementing the right window dressings, such as Curtains with blackout lining, Roman blinds, Blackout blinds, Shutters & Shades, or BlindScreen, you can create a serene haven free from the intrusion of daylight. Embrace the darkness and enjoy uninterrupted restorative sleep as you welcome the brighter days ahead.

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