OK the title says “What’s Next”, but to be honest we have been working behind the scenes to bring more products to our customers, launching June 2022

It started with investing in the future…

We have employed another person in our Manufacturing team, we have purchased a bigger, 2 person, manufacturing table, more equipment (for 2 new products), built new workstations and expanded our premises.

And that is just the beginning of our “What’s Next?” plan

Joining the others…

There was one thing we needed to improve this year and that was our Social Media activities, therefore you may well see more of us over Social Media in the coming months and years.

So, what is next?

Not only we will continue to supply and install amazing products to our customers, but will also improve our customer services and therefore the whole customer experience when buying window dressings for your home.

Plus, with the launch of 2 New Products in June, we will always be searching for UK made products, that we believe offer fantastic quality at competitive prices.

Lastly, we have an amazing team that have experience and knowledge in the industry, who are always available to offer help and advice to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Look out for our Product launches coming in June

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