What are the Benefits of Bespoke Blinds, Curtains & Shutters?

Bespoke – adjective “made for a particular customer or user” or in our case “made for a particular window”

Tailor-made is another way of thinking about what we do as our Blinds, Curtains & Shutters are tailor-made to fit your windows, perfectly.

So, what would a client expect to get from a company whose services are made to measure, tailored for their windows.

Years of Knowledge

You will find with established companies, who have been doing what they have been doing for decades, their employees will have a huge understanding of the company’s products. Not only how they are manufactured or constructed, but how they will look within a room or in a particular window. This is priceless. For example, if you wanted a product, say in a Bay window, but the environment (area of the window) will not allow that product to work properly, years of knowledge will immediately indicate the problems foreseeable, but will also recommend alternatives that the client may not of thought of.

Educated Employees

Good, experienced, knowledgeable staff are the backbone to a company that offer any tailored services. When you contact a company or visit a Showroom, the first person you encounter will be educated by the company on its services and products. This allows them to give you clear help, advice and information in what you are seeking, that will save you hours of internet searching. We understand that a face-to-face chat, talking on the telephone or even over email with someone who can ease any pains or anxieties, answer your questions and have the information you need, will help you to make your decisions seamlessly. “People buy people” is a phrase that our MD tells all our employees. Now, imagine going into a Showroom, having a chat on the phone, or sending an email and the first person you meet or talk with has not been educated. What would be your first impression of them, the company they work for and the services the company offer?

Good Reputation

Every company in any industry who make bespoke products, have built up their reputation on providing great services, excellent products and great customer experience. Without their clients having a good experience in the buying process, from first contact all the way through, the company’s reputation will suffer and with tailor-made products, reputations need to be solid. So, all members of staff need to be educated, knowledgeable, polite and respectful for starters. This goes from someone in the office answering an email, through to the surveyors and installers taking off their shoes in a client’s home. Building a reputation take years for businesses, but losing your reputation can be done in seconds on the internet nowadays. When searching for companies to use for your window dressings, look at their client’s reviews and see what their customers say about the experience they had using them.

Manufacturing Department

A great company offering Made to Measure products will have a Manufacturing Department that have been trained to the highest standards, so they can produce quality products for the company to sell. There are global companies who sell the components to the Blind industry, so small businesses like John’s Blinds & Curtains can build in-house, offering our customers better products, reduced waiting times and allow us to have better control over what we sell to our clients. When we first chose to manufacture our own Blinds, we decided to use UK made components to keep our products “Made in the UK”. Using Louvolite components, machines and tables, we have a team behind us that have been developing and constructing Blinds for decades, allowing all our staff to be trained at Louvolite HQ and have the Tech Team at hand for any issues we may encounter in the future. Therefore, we now have Roller Blinds, Vision Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Allusion Blinds and Perfect Fit Blinds, all manufactured in our Wickford HQ, backed by a global company within our industry. We have a dedicated team, who not only make our Blinds, but have implemented strenuous quality control checks in the building process, giving piece of mind that you get quality.

Problem Solving

Problems do arise in any bespoke industry and most of the problems will be supply chain issues, especially in 2022. Obviously, there are certain situations where a problem cannot be resolved, but the good news is that most problems are solvable. We go over and above to make sure the seamless experience we give our customers is not blemished by a problem. All products that we do not manufacture go through strenuous quality controls checks and it is here we do experience most things that need to be resolved. From the couriers damaging Blinds, to wrong sized Blinds being delivered, it happens, but everything is rectified in time for the installation. Human error can happen in our industry, for example where something has been mis-measured, but if it happens the issue is resolved. Another area where any bespoke company service will stand out, is the measuring service. Years of knowledge and expertise comes into play, so if we mismeasure, it is our problem to fix, but if a customer does their own measuring and gets it wrong, it is a new Blind. Just want to say, this isn’t the time to order from the internet, if you are not sure or cannot measure your windows.

Aftersales Services

With every Made to Measure business in the UK, for clients, having aftersales services should be a contributing factor in using that company. But what are Aftersales Services? In our industry if something goes wrong with a product and it is within the guarantee period, you should be able to contact the company you brought it from to be fixed. Plus, we suggest for certain Blinds, if you move home, take them with you, we could cut them down to fit your new windows. In addition, we could recover certain Blinds, if you change your décor and wanted a different fabric colour/pattern. We also have some useful videos on our Website, where customers can go to look at simple fixes that they can do themselves.

In conclusion, Bespoke, Made to Measure or Tailor-made are exactly that, specifically made for a particular window and the benefits are immense for the client.

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