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With the world all Star Wars mad after the release of the latest film, which was not too bad, I wanted to treat the family to a new games console for Christmas and the kids Birthdays this month.

I started looking around October time and speaking with friends about which console would be best for us, more for me really, but don’t tell the kids.

Decided that the PS4 was the one and knowing Star Wars Battlefront was coming out I waited for it.

Fast forward to January now the console has been set up correctly I, sorry the kids can game on-line when we allow them too.  I spent many hours over the festive season learning the new controllers, the game, learning from friends, but no matter how much I try I’m still rubbish at gaming.  Not one to give up I’m determined to get better and set aside a little time each week for me to practice.

I do not know how or why, but very young child that comes over to play with Samuel is so good at gaming it really upsets me.

Samuel is becoming a true Jedi at the game and is much better than I will ever be.

I supposed it was the same back in my day showing my dad how to set and record TV on the VHS recorder – bet you don’t know what that is kids…