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At John’s Blinds we’re big on keeping up with the latest trends. We’re on a mission to  bring to you the best quality fabrics, with hundreds of choices (literally!) to choose from.

Skylight windows are extremely popular, especially now as there are more loft conversions than ever! Skylight windows are a must have to ensure a room is filled with natural light, therefore it’s a smart idea to have a blind fitted for these windows, especially if a loft has been converted into a bedroom, you can’t be missing out on a good nights sleep, or you’ll just feel groggy!

We felt these special blinds deserved a place on our blog as we have exciting news for 2015! We now have a range of over a whopping 130 colours for you to choose from, available in both translucent and blackout materials – ideal for top quality sleep.

At John’s Blinds we have a full range of Skylight blinds perfect for most of the major window manufacturers:


Skylight blinds also come made with a white, cream or silver frame, so we’ll always be able to match the blind perfectly to suit your window.  All of our blinds are up to scratch and made child safe by design, so you can relax without any worries 🙂

If you’d like to find out how much a Skylight blind will cost for you, all we need is that code placed on the seal of your window. Each company places the code in a different place, though this should be nice and easy to find.

For example, if you have a Velux window, you’ll find the code on the front face of the window, right by the handle, when you open it up.

This little code is all we need, so be sure to grab it before you call!

Read more about our Skylights here we can’t wait to show off our new colours to you!