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Alis in conserveWith the New Year comes New Products and for 2016 we have a New Aluminium Collection with over 120 different slat choices – there is something for everyone

Why Aluminium Venetians?

Aluminium Venetian blinds are a practical and stylish way of regulating the amount of light and heat coming into any room in your home or office.  They are simple yet striking and give you effortless and responsive control over glare, shade and ambience.  Just by adjust the angle of the slats helps to regulate just how much or how little sunlight (when it’s out) you want to let in or keep out.  Also great for keeping nosey neighbours from looking in too!

Along with being extremely functional, these popular and versatile blinds are also durable and easy to care for, giving you a great look that stays that way.  Practical enough to cope with the humidity of a bathroom or kitchen, tough enough to meet the demands of your little ones bedroom and elegant enough to bring a touch of style to your lounge.

With all corded blinds please make sure you install the Child Safety components that come with the blinds.  Check out the British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) website for the latest information regarding what devises you should be using

BBSA make if Safe

Here is a great article we found on how to keep your Venetian Blinds Clean