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young-woman-working-as-telephone-operator-52028032This is something I can not understand with some businesses and can see the benefits of external answering services, but at John’s Blinds we like to have our office answering the phones as they know exactly what is going on.

So Steve, our fitter relays a message from a lady he fitted a blind for

“Why every time I call your office it is always engaged?”

Steve replied “Well sometimes during the day they are very busy, but we do have a few lines into the office, which number were you calling?”

The customer shows Steve her invoice, “This is the number here, I tell you it’s always busy”

Steve then explained to the client “This number is your number…our contact details are above at the top of your invoice…”

We always try and get back to people who leave us their numbers on our answer phone the same day, but sometimes even all of our lines are busy at the same time…

It does help if you get the right number Contact us