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diehardI was watching Die Hard 2 this week and when the baddies tricked the plane into believing they were the tower he “We’ve been here all along old buddy” I realised so have we…

I have not posted a new Blog since September – YES bloody September

It’s just we have been evolving our business and things have been a changing.  We have (to be officially opened in January) our new offices/storage/manufacturing facility.

We also have the new and improved JB Bespoke service ready to launch in January too.  We have been making and installing some lovely handmade Curtains, Romans, foot stalls and the like, to get the systems up and running.

Our team will be expanding again in 2016 with at least 2 new employees coming on board in the first quarter.

We have still been doing our thing, just not on here for a while.